More Client Love...

Hiring Lisa was hands down the best decision my husband and I made when planning our wedding. Her services were of the greatest value to us as she made the day flawless while taking all the stress off of us and our parents. We were so impressed with her attention to detail, thoroughness, and professionalism.

Looking back, I don't know how I would have gotten through the day without her. If there was anything I needed, she was there to assist, but mostly she had already taken care of whatever it was before I even realized it needed to be done. She was a huge help leading up to the wedding as well as she coordinated who needed to be where and when - from the bridal party to the bus drivers - and ensured no detail was forgotten. A++!

Day of Coordination - Behind the Scenes

I am usually working behind the scene weeks out, gathering information and trying to figure out how to make everything happen smoothly on the day of the wedding. Weddings with a significant amount of rentals and decor to be set up on the wedding day require a bit more thinking through and coordination. Currently working on finalizing a pretty extensive decor list and logistics plan for a beautiful barn wedding this month. Can't wait!

Client Love ...

Really happy to wake up yesterday to this wonderful review from a recent bride of mine who got married at the gorgeous venue, Terrain at Styers.  

"Lisa was such a huge help on our wedding day. We hired her as a day of coordinator, and I couldn't have anticipated just how much she would do to make sure that things ran smoothly. I knew that she would be running around on the day of the wedding coordinating everything, but I didn't expect her to be in communication with me and all of our vendors in the last month or two before the wedding making sure that every detail was in place. She talked with me for hours about details of the wedding that I would never have thought of on my own and made insightful recommendations that I really appreciated. She's a lovely person and knows her stuff, and I definitely recommend hiring her to make sure that you can actually enjoy your wedding day without obsessing over all of the behind-the-scenes stuff all day."

Sara + Brian | Power Plant Productions Wedding, Philadelphia

Happy to share photos from Sara and Brian's beautiful wedding last fall at the loft at Power Plant Productions. Sara and Brian didn't want all the fuss and formality of a traditional wedding. They kept the bridal party small - a Best Man and Maid of Honor - which removed the need for a rehearsal and made getting ready on the day of the wedding laid-back and intimate. The grand entrance, parent dances, throwing the garter and bouquet were "out."  Heartfelt speeches, unique personal touches, lots of connecting (guests were treated to "cocktail hour" before the ceremony) and great dance music were "in". I loved the way Sara tastefully blended Brian's love for Battlestar Galactica into the wedding. Instead of playing classical music before the ceremony, they played soft orchestral soundtracks from the movie. When it came time to cut the wedding cake, Sara surprised Brian with a fun Battlestar Galactica themed groom's cake which they cut like a traditional wedding cake. Not only were Sara and her mother great to work with, so were Michael Schmidt at Diverse Catering and Chris Meck at Power Plant Productions, who brought a lot of creativity and a collaborative spirit to the planning process. So glad the wedding had a wonderful beginning and happy ending. I wish Sara and Brian the very best! (Photos courtesy of Pill Photography. Brava Weddings Day of Coordination.)

The Power Plant Wedding - bride
The Power Plant Wedding - portrait bg
The Power Plant - walking in town
The Power Plant Wedding - Stationery
The Power Plant Wedding - flowers
The Power Plant Wedding - ceremony
The Power Plant Wedding - first dance
a - Power Plant Wedding - balcony collageit.jpg

Matt + Cindy | Hotel Monaco, Philadelphia

When Cindy Dishmey, a vice president at Goldman Sachs married Dr. Matthew Montgomery, chief resident at Aria Hospital in Philadelphia, it was explosion of energy, excitement and emotion. The bride went for an edgy, modern, glamorous style and was very hands-on in creating a look that was one of a kind. She found a print shop that was able to engrave her wedding invitation on a metal sheet.  She designed and sewed a stunning art-deco inspired wedding dress like nothing I have ever seen before. Because she was adamant about not using flowers, she handmade pearl bouquets for her bridesmaids and a jewelry-studded brooch bouquet for herself. For the reception, she hired the talented Papertini Floral and Event Design to create centerpieces made of crystal and glass that made the room sparkle when the lights dimmed. But the best "decor" was their family, friends, and their sorority brothers and sisters who came with their hearts filled with love and support.  Matt and Cindy are truly blessed. To their future...cheers!  (Photos  courtesy of Todd Laffler. Brava Weddings Day of Coordination).

a - hotel monaco - 6 makeup application bw.jpg
a - hotel monaco - 4 feet rub.jpg
a - hotel monaco - 13 laughing bride bw.jpg
a - hotel monaco - 8 baby crying.jpg
a - hotel monaco - 10 putting dress on.jpg
a - Hotel Monaco - 2 ring.jpg
a - hotel monaco - 11 bride portrait bw.jpg
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a - hotel monaco - 20 baby.jpg
a - hotel monaco - 14 dad bride in glasses.jpg
a - hotel monaco - 15 bride father uniform.jpg
a - hotel monaco - 17 moh baby processional.jpg
a - hotel monaco - 18 bride father processional .jpg
a - hotel monaco - 19 bride at altar.jpg
a - hotel monaco - 21 bride groom neil.jpg
a - hotel monaco - kiss bride groom.jpg
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a - hotel monaco - 25 cindy matt laugh.jpg
a - hotel monaco - 26 cindy crys.jpg
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a - hotel monaco - 29 garter.jpg
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