On a Dreary Day, Yellow Flowers Do Wonders!

I hope it's sunny where you are. The last few days have been pretty rainy and dreary where I live. Yesterday on a whim, I decided to go out to buy a few bunches of cut flowers. I was immediately drawn to the bright cheery yellow roses, daisies, button pompons, solidago, and pale green hydrangea. Half the fun was bringing them home, placing them in the sink, conditioning them, and playing around until I got an arrangment I liked. I made an arrangment for the den "my husband's room" (those are beans in the jar cause I didn't have decorative stones), and a softer arrangement for the living room ("my room"). They put such a smile on my face, I thought I would share!

yellow flowers 1.jpg
yellow flowers 3.jpg

Simple DIY Christmas Centerpiece


I love this simple easy to make centerpiece, or simple decor for your kitchen countertop. I've reprinted the article below from www.theprettyblog.com. Happy Holidays and all the Best for 2012!

Instructions: Dipping each apple in egg white and sugar, I let them dry before stacking them on a cake stand. To complete the centerpiece I printed out a few banners onto craft paper, rolled the edges into a scroll and pinned them into the stacked apples.

After the wedding - Furnishing your home on the cheap!


So you're spending a lot of bucks on the wedding and now you're wondering how long it will take to furnish your new home together the way you really want? Take a tip from me. Buy your furniture off Craigslist - you will get amazing quality and you would be surprised at how little it can cost.

Last year while shopping for new furniture for my bedroom, I found on Craigslist this beautiful Ethan Allen Tuscany armoire (pictured above) for only $500. It currently retails for $3,619. (The "antique" chair beside it I found in a second hand shop for $20). I bought the coordinating Ethan Allen Tuscany night table from a different seller for $250 (retail price $800). When you buy Ethan Allen from the store, the furniture is made to order so you must wait several weeks for your furniture to arrive and you can't return it. That creates the opportunity for you to help an owner who made a bad choice or no longer needs it.

The best places to look are in New Jersey (first), but also Philadelphia and its suburbs. In Craigslist, do a search for Ethan Allen (or whatever brand you like), and be sure to exclude "furniture dealers." Happy shopping!