Sarah and Cliff's Farm Wedding

Trying to play catchup on some of the wonderful weddings from last year. One of my favorites was Sarah and Cliff's wedding last July. I remember it as a relaxed, warm and happy celebration. Even though there were over 100 people, it felt as intimate as a family thanksgiving dinner. Sarah wanted to keep things simple, but special. Cocktail hour included an oyster bar and dinner was focused around a gourmet burger bar with every imaginable fixing, courtesy of the always fabulous Epicurean Delight. On display were old photos of both parents and the wedding gowns worn by Sarah's and Cliff's grandmothers. As a little surprise, Sarah's father, a musician, took to the stage to play a couple songs with the wedding band. I think one of the most adorable guests and member of the bridal party was Sarah and Cliff's dog who sort of played the role of ring bearer. He was clearly very excited to be there. When it came his turn to go down the aisle, it was not like we rehearsed.  Instead of walking calmly, he was more like a wild horse! Then when he got to the beginning of the aisle he stopped to sniff around like he was on a morning walk. It was so funny. Sarah and Cliff choose the talented documentary photographer Daniel Lanton of Darker Shades of Brown to shoot their wedding. I am so happy to finally get this post out so I can share these gorgeous photos from her wedding day with you!

sarah - menu.jpg
pic 325.jpg