On Day-of Coordination...

“Give me six hours to chop down a tree and I will spend the first four sharpening the axe."
- Abraham Lincoln

Some client's wonder if they need a day of coordinator especially if they have a perfectly qualified venue planner. The answer is yes, simply because most of what goes awry at weddings happens before the bride walks down the aisle, and usually is out of the scope of responsibility of the venue coordinator. In the planning phases, I listen to your vision, and help you uncover any issues that could make the wedding day go less than smoothly. Coaching brides is a big part of Brava's Ultimate Day of Coordination, and you receive unlimited amounts of it up to two months before your wedding day.

Because we have worked so closely together, on the wedding day you can feel confident that I will carry out your vision and ensure the day unfolds the way you want it to. A bridal assistant will be with you to ensure you stay on schedule without your having to watch the clock. Any issues that arise are quietly managed in the background. Our clients often say they couldn't imagine their day without our help.

Do you think you need a day of coordinator? Call Brava.

On Full Wedding Planning...

Brides usually come to me because they want an untraditional wedding - either it is the type of venue, the the relaxed vibe and lack of wedding formalities, or a combination of both. Getting to know who the couple's personality and like and dislikes is the first things I try to do. After getting to my client I can help them put together a team. Picking the right vendors makes all the difference in the world. I believe in focusing on vendors