Client Love...

Hiring Lisa was hands down the best decision my husband and I made when planning our wedding. Her services were of the greatest value to us as she made the day flawless while taking all the stress off of us and our parents. We were so impressed with her attention to detail, thoroughness, and professionalism. Looking back, I don't know how I would have gotten through the day without her. If there was anything I needed, she was there to assist, but mostly she had already taken care of whatever it was before I even realized it needed to be done. She was a huge help leading up to the wedding as well as she coordinated who needed to be where and when - from the bridal party to the bus drivers - and ensured no detail was forgotten. A++! - Sarah


I don’t have enough words of praise for Lisa @ Brava Weddings. From our first consultation I knew I needed her to be a part of my wedding planning. We contracted Brava Weddings for day of coordination but it was SOOOOO MUCH MORE!!! She was conscious of all of my and my then fiancé’s desires and was very skillful at accommodating our needs for both our taste level and budget. Although she had several concurrent events she always made me feel like I was the only bride that had her attention. She remembered every detail I cared for and helped relieve my areas of concern. She did her best to make me feel great about how the wedding was progressing. It was super nice of her to complement the details of the wedding I had put together, which meant a lot to me since she’s surely seen many weddings in her career. All the while she never withheld her candor. If I had an idea that would work against my theme she let me know and offered alternatives in a very warm tone! This was only my experience in the months leading up to my wedding. Once we hit “crunch time” Lisa became even more incredible once she started stepping in and working with my vendors. She cleverly leveraged the Brava templates to work out the timeline with all of them and sorted any discrepancies – often without me being present. Everyone complemented me on how “calm” I appeared in the last few weeks and all I could say is that it was because my coordinator had everything in control. The day of the wedding can be summed up into one word: CLOCKWORK!! The day ran smoother than a baby’s bottom. All my guests were impressed (mostly because I’m late to everything) and appreciated how well organized the event was. It also saved us for accruing any additional expenses!!! I had an absolutely perfect day – and quite frankly I’m sure some things went wrong but thanks to Lisa I have no idea what they are!!! Thank you Brava Weddings!!!!  - Cindy


Lisa and Brava Weddings made my wedding an unforgettable event! Lisa is an artist and my wedding was definitely her canvas and it was a masterpiece! She worked on the smallest details that to me at the time seemed insignificant but ultimately made the day seamless. One of the ways that Lisa was instrumental was choosing our vendors from the hairstylist, photographer, lighting/draping company and so on. They were all amazing professionals that went over and above expectations. Lisa then worked closely with them and made sure everyone was “on” on the big day. Lisa also had two assistants who were incredible. One of my bridesmaids was having a problem with her dress and one of the assistants actually sewed her dress while she was in it and made the fit perfection. Lisa was there first thing in the morning making sure all went well…my mother and I worried about nothing! It’s hard to describe the feeling on the day of not needing to be concerned about a thing because I knew it was in Lisa’s hands so all would be taken care of. 

I think one of Lisa’s greatest strengths was her ability to understand the vision I had for my wedding and making it come to fruition and in some areas better than I had dreamed. She was instrumental in the design of the reception area. The place we had chosen, a historic building had some layout challenges yet she was able to make them work. When my husband and I walked into the room and saw the transformation it was like a dream – from the flowers, tables, lights and fabric draping at the entrance…spectacular! 

One of the areas that Lisa said should also be key is the guest experience; that it was important that they felt they were catered to, relaxed and enjoyed the day. Check! The feedback I got from my guests said it all. One of my friends called it “the event of the decade.” They were so impressed with how beautiful everything was and how smoothly it all ran. They also had a fabulous time! 

- Taylor


Lisa at Brava Weddings was wonderful to work with. I truly believe my day would not have been as magical if Brava Weddings had not been a part of it. Lisa organized the timeline for the day and ensured that each vendor knew what was being asked of them. It was a huge relief to both my Mom and I to know that the logistics of the day were being handled. The last thing you want to do on your wedding day is answer questions about who should be where or what something costs, etc. I did not have to worry about any of this and I was able to truly enjoy my day. I would recommend Lisa and Brava Weddings for ANY type of event planning. She is very professional and enjoyable to work with. - Michelle


I’m writing the following testimonial for Lisa Vernon of Brava Weddings.  First, it’s important to note that I requested to write this for Lisa ~ she is that good.  She did not have to ask me as I wanted to provide this feedback. 

My daughter and I employed Lisa to be the Wedding Coordinator for my daughter Michelle’s and her fiancé, Chris.  The wedding took place on October 27th, 2012 in Bethlehem, PA.  

Lisa was spectacular in all aspects of helping us plan this wondrous event!  Her attention to detail is impeccable.  She was able to capture all relevant data in shared folders so that all of us had access to the critical information.  Lisa worked with all of the vendors and became the key point of contact for us.  She created a timeline of events for the special day and insured that the bride, groom, bridal party, parents were in the right place at the right time!  

The day of the wedding was amazing!  I know that it just didn’t occur by happenstance and while my daughter and myself had done so much planning, Lisa took over and spent an inordinate amount of time up front – with us and with ALL the vendors to insure that all the i’s were dotted and t’s were crossed!  Nothing was left to chance and all the pieces and parts came together perfectly!  It was as though our vision for this wedding came together with Lisa at the helm.  She was able to see our vision and put forth the execution plan to make it happen.  

When choosing a person to work with on your wedding, it’s important to find someone who not only is “technically” good but also one that you can have a relationship with and “feel” connected to!  Lisa is that individual and both my daughter and I felt that from day 1.  

I highly recommend Lisa’s work.  She is a professional; she will listen to you and advise you without “telling” you.  She is amazing to work with and a pleasure as a person.  She exceeded our expectations by a huge margin.  - Margaret


Having Brava Weddings coordinate our big day was the best planning decision that we made. Lisa and her staff took care of everything day of - from set up to vendor payments to keeping us on schedule to tear down at the end of the night - it was great not needing to worry about any of the logistics. They also had a lot of great ideas to share when we were in the planning phases too!

- Brian


Lisa was very helpful; at the last minute, my fiancé and I decided we needed help to pull off our untraditional farm wedding, and she helped the ceremony and reception run extremely smoothly! Without her, we likely would have skipped a lot of moments (grand entrance, etc) that wound up being a lot of fun. She helped to make our vision possible! - Caitlin


Lisa is an invaluable asset to any bride and I HIGHLY recommend her to anyone and everyone who is planning a wedding. She is exceptionally detail oriented with an eye for the key aspects of the venue selection, including elegance, style, and the character of the locations’ aesthetic. Her well rounded approach to venue selection is insightful and educated; she provides a thorough review of each location she recommends while maintaining a close eye on the details of the budget and financials. 

Lisa is extremely responsive and offers thought out and insightful feedback on so many aspects of the wedding planning process. She was able to not only work within my budget, but helped me to understand the monetary allocation towards every detail of my wedding. Her background in market research is evident once you start working with her. She has what seems like an innate understanding of the wedding process and applies her background to scout, investigate, and offer the perfect recommendations. In addition to her direct support, Lisa offers a wealth of vendor information through her referral program. Her recommended vendors are high quality, hard working but reasonable and amicable people. 

Lisa and her team worked to execute my wedding day flawlessly; her dedication to the event allowed my husband and I, as well as our wedding party and parents, to float through the day without stress, confusion or issue. Her behind the scenes work made my wedding day not only the best day of my life, but a welcoming but exciting event for my guests. All in all, she made everything relaxed, fluid and truly enjoyable for everyone! With Lisa’s help, I truly felt that I had a group of talented individuals to support the execution of our wedding day; a team of people that I was privileged to work with throughout the wedding process! Hiring Lisa was the best decision I made after I got engaged and I’d highly recommend her to any bride who values sanity! - Katie


Lisa was such a huge help on our wedding day. We hired her as a day of coordinator, and I couldn't have anticipated just how much she would do to make sure that things ran smoothly. I knew that she would be running around on the day of the wedding coordinating everything, but I didn't expect her to be in communication with me and all of our vendors in the last month or two before the wedding making sure that every detail was in place. She's a lovely person and knows her stuff, and I definitely recommend hiring her to make sure that you can actually enjoy your wedding day without obsessing over all of the behind-the-scenes stuff all day. - Robin


[Lisa] was extremely responsive, and professional leading up to the wedding. Making sure the timeline was solidified, so that there would be no hiccups. Communicating with us on multiple occasions in order to be on the same page.

The day of, she was always present, however no one would notice. Keeping the day moving on time, but allowing flexibility for unforeseen things and events. She was professional, always had a smile on her face, and was an absolute pleasure to work with. I know the bride and groom had an incredible wedding day, because of her help.

Our favorite vendors to work with are vendors who work with each other to achieve one common goal. To simply give the bride and groom a remarkable day to experience and remember. No ego’s, No attitude! Lisa fits into this category of vendor hands down. I highly recommend Lisa... And we can’t wait to work with her again. - Matt Morrissey, Fine Art Wedding & Lifestyle Photographer